The 2008 Happy Bandit Tour Event Schedule

Click on the event number or event name to see the results for events that have been played. You can also click on the name of the course to be taken to the course website to map out your strategy for the day or to find directions to the course.

Event Name Location Website Map Entry
1 20 Jan 11:15 Bayview Invitational Bayview GC link link $70 20
2 02 Mar 06:30 The Ashlar Amateur Ashlar GC link link $55 20
3 30 Mar 11:15 Glenmore Park Open Glenmore Heritage Valley GC link link $58 20
4 20 Apr 09:40 The Lakeside Tournament Camden Lakeside CC link link $103 20
5 25 May 11:15 Camden International Camden Lakeside CC link link $95 20
6 28 Jul 09:45 Eastlake Open Eastlake GC link link $70 20
7 10 Aug 06:45 The Warringah Classic Warringah GC link link $55 20
8 12 Oct 10:00 Leura Invitational Leura GC link link $60 20
9 02 Nov 05:50 The Seaside Links The Coast GC link link $60 20
10 30 Nov 11:30 The Tour Championship Wakehurst GC link link $60 20

* Registration for all events closes 1 week before the event date. As we may have more Bandits than places at an event anyone who registers AFTER the one week cut off date may go into a random ballet to play.

If you are balloted out of one event you won't be balloted out of another.

** The meeting time allows for all players to meet prior to the first tee off and be informed of any local rules, the tees of the day and any last minute adjustments that need to be made, please ensure that you arrive on time to allow for smooth running of the tour events.