The Happy Bandit Tour Concept

The Happy Bandit Tour was created so that a great bunch of guys could go out every month and enjoy a game of golf at different courses around Sydney and Australia. The aim of the Tour is to provide a competitive environment for the 'Tiger Wannabees' to pit themselves against social golfers of a similar ilk.

Entry to the tour is by invitation only with only 20 players invited for the inaugural season in 2008.

The concept of the Tour is simple, 10 regular season 'Tour Events' are held and each player is awarded a number of points depending on their finish in the field with bonus points being allocated for podium finishes.

At the conclusion of the season each player's best 7 (it was best 8 scores for 2008-2012) point scores are totalled up and the player with the most amount of points is crowned The Happy bandit Tour Champion.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 at the conclusion of each season.

As the Happy Bandit Tour is self funding there will be an annual fee to 'secure your tour card' - the fee is currently $100.