About The Happy Bandits

The Happy Bandit Tour concept was first thought about in 2006 but did not start to take shape until four hackers (Michael "Trigger" Trigwell, Matt Bugden, Zac "Voges" Vogel and Simon "Millsie" Millard) and lots of beer met up at The Oaks, Neutral Bay, one evening in October 2007.

After lots of chat and even more beer various names for the tour had been thought up, ridiculed, laughed at and chastised until the name "The Happy Bandit Tour" was born.

The next step was to decide which other bandits to invite for the inaugural season, names were bandied about and thrown into the ring. Twenty invites were sent to what would ultimately become the finest crew of Bandits to ever hit the links.

In the coming years the Happy Bandit Tour will be looking to expand the number of bandits, if you're interested in joining the Tour, do what you can to seek out one of the current bandits, and you never know your luck, one day you too could be playing on the Happy Bandit Tour